There have been widespread allegations of more than just maladministration and incompetence. Fraudulent activity was suspected and the Police were involved. The two bodies below decide whether there are grounds for making charges. See the historic news reports by clicking here to remind yourselves how the scandal unfolded.

Police Scotland (erstwhile Lothian & Borders Police) has been charged with investigating Fraud at CEC. Yet the investigation was stopped at a preliminary stage.

Dear Police Scotland, we would like to know why the investigation was not completed? To our knowledge even CEC councillors have tried to get an answer to this question but failed.

The Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) is Scotland’s prosecution service. It is tasked with deciding whether to prosecute allegegations of criminal conduct.

On what grounds did COPFS decide not to prosecute CEC staff, why were L&B Police asked to stand down?