The City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) provides services which affect the lives of over 400,000 people and has a budget of over £1 billion pa. It is at the heart of these allegations, in numerous and widespread scandals, the most pernicious being Statutory Notices.

Dear CEC we’ve quite a few questions … which will all be documented in our FOI Requests.

The Scottish Information Commissioner is tasked with supporting the openness, transparency and accountability of public bodies. If CEC fails to answer questions clearly and honestly, or refuses using ‘exemption’ clauses, then we will ask:

Dear Scottish Information Commissioner please adjudicate on the legitimacy of our FOI requests. Why are so few of our questions being answered?

Then there is the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman which in its own words “is the final stage for complaints about councils, […] the Scottish Government and its agencies and departments and most Scottish authorities”.

Dear Scottish Ombudsman what have you done about the shocking revelations at the heart of our City? How have wrong doers been punished?

Finally there is the Standards Commission, the independent body which encourages high ethical standards in public life through the promotion and the enforcement of Codes of Conduct for Councillors.

Dear Standards Commission, what do you have to say about the practices at CEC? Do you think councillors have been adhering to the Code of Conduct? Have they abided by the Seven Principles of Public Life?