FOI #5: Statutory Notice Contractor Procurement – What was the Council’s Understanding?

Reekieleaks sent the following Freedom of Information Request on the 2nd May 2015.

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Dear City of Edinburgh Council,

This question pertains to all Statutory Notices issued during
2004-2007, and then the subsequent extension to 2010, before the
2010-2013 Term Agreement (term contract).

I would ask you to be specific in your answers and supply
supporting documentation (Standing Orders, Term Agreements etc.).

(1) What was CEC’s understanding of EU Procurement rules in
relation to how they affected the Stat Notice works?

(2) Did CEC understand EU procurement rules to apply to Stat Notice
contracts under £250,000 or some other threshold?

(3) How many contracts were let at a contract sum exceeding
£250,000 or some other threshold without going through a formal
tendering process?

(4) How many contracts over £250,000 or some other threshold were
let through the framework? How many were let through procurement
processes that were neither by competitive tendering nor through
the framework?

(5) Why did CEC draw up a Term Agreement for Statutory Notices in
this period, if other procurement procedures were used?

(6) Why were the Shaw’s Square contracts awarded to Castle Group
Scotland Ltd and Action Building Contract Ltd., when these two
companies were not party to the Term Framework Agreement?

Yours faithfully,

Simon Williams

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