FOI #3: it’s all about PROCUREMENT (Term Framework Agreement)

Request made via, by Simon Williams, 19 March 2015.

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Dear City of Edinburgh Council,

11 Shaw’s Square: (SN No. 05/02352); (SN No. 06/01887); (SN No.

I made a FOI request on the 28th February to which I have as yet
not received a reply: this was for full disclosure on the above
statutory notices.

Having received the Final Police Report I wish to make another FOI
request on questions that arise therein, all of which concern PCD:

1) Please confirm a list of the contractors which were on CEC TFA
Lists from 2006 to 2009?

2) Please confirm the names of the contractors awarded the
contracts for the statutory notices on Shaw’s Square (sn numbers

3) Please confirm whether these contractors (2) were on the TFA

4) What were the exceptions where companies outwith the TFA could
be awarded contacts during the above years? (We understand from CEC
documentation that the circumstances that allow this are extremely
rare, and the process to undertake such a decision can only be
sanctioned by senior management).

5) Please confirm whether our contracts were sanctioned outwith the

6) Please confirm the job title of the senior member of staff that
sanctioned the awarding of the contracts outwith the TFA?

7) The police investigation itself identified that a number of
companies were never on the TFA yet were awarded work, please
confirm whether this was the case with the companies that were
awarded the contracts for our three statutory notices above at
Shaw’s Square between 2006 and 2009?

8) Please confirm whether this was contrary to EU and national
procurement regulations?

9) If this was not contrary to EU and national procurement
regulations, please confirm why not?

10) If this was contrary to EU and national procurement
regulations, please confirm the sanctions that can be taken against
CEC under national and EU law?

Yours faithfully

Simon Williams

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