LEAK: use of Framework Warning – Tim Rayner

TERM CONTRACTS 2010 – 2013 Major and Minor

The old term contract has now closed. Any project underway is to be completed under the old term contract. All jobs not awarded to a contractor is [sic] to be done under the new term contract.

On projects that come out above £250K are to be turned into a tender document and procured in the normal way via Ann Bain’s section.

– under no circumstance shall the term contract sheet along with all the contractors rates be passed to any third party i.e. contractors or owners. You may send to a contractor or owner a print out of just the rates and items of work for a single job and for only the contractor it has been awarded to. Not clear what this means? Then ask! No FOI request is entitled to get a copy of the full document as this is commercial information and is exempt from the act.

If you are not sure what to do then ask. Under no circumstances are you to use a different method of procurement or means of appointing a contractor under this term contract.


Tim Rayner, Senior Conservation Officer, Property Conservation.


Download this email ‘use the framework‘.


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