Letters: Property Conservation stonewalls residents and refuses negotiation

No response from Alastair Rankin. No response from Dame Sue Bruce. No response from 48 out of 58 Councillors.

What does it say about the democratic process when a public organisation continually stonewalls attempts by those citizens it is supposed to protect, and when those citizens are simply reaching out to find amicable and professional resolution?

We, the residents of Edinburgh, do not understand why the Council is taking a combative approach to bring the scandal to a faux-resolution.

Residents have suffered more than 10 years of stress at the hands of CEC. Residents have awaited the outcome of Edinburgh Council’s internal ‘independent’ inquiry by Deloitte, and have shown their patience and resilience during these long years.

Now in early 2015, the City of Edinburgh Council, its mandarins and 58 Councillors, choose to announce the findings of the internal inquiry that was held behind closed doors and with no input from those afflicted by the mismanagement … by making immediate demands for payment. And CEC offers residents no chance to have their outstanding issues dealt with. The party line is that the Deloitte reports (which we had no part in) is the end of the discussion. All of this with the added insult of not a single apology for the nightmare.

It seems there is no choice but to go to the courts to seek an equitable judgement and to get the City of Edinburgh Council to do what they should have done in the first place: a professional job.

By the time it reaches the courts, reekieleaks will have done its best to have put a figure on what Dame Bruce’s Council has squandered in external consultancy and defense costs, and the repayments made to those who are winning in and out of court against CEC.

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