EEN: Edinburgh Council Whistleblower “hunted down like a wild animal”

21st March 2016

FORMER city leader today claimed council officials “hunted down” a whistleblower who raised allegations of fraud “like a wild animal”. [A similar case for the ex-employee who blew the whistle on the Statutory Notice Scandal is still under investigation.] Donald Anderson also raised the possibility that staff broke the law… Read more

EEN: Pensioner wins repairs bill fight with bully boy council

24th February 2016

A PENSIONER has scored a victory in his battle over a disputed statutory repairs bill – after the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) agreed that council officials failed to explain why a charge had ballooned by 30 per cent. Comely Bank resident Bruce Thompson complained to the Ombudsman after he and… Read more

Herald Scotland: Edinburgh Councillor Corruption Allegations

10th January 2016

POLICE Scotland is investigating claims a Labour councillor asked for a six-figure sum from a developer to ensure his planning application was approved. The councillor, who this newspaper has chosen not to name, denies the allegation. The corruption investigation is believed to have been triggered after a businessman put in… Read more

EEN: CEC pays external consultants £8.1m in a single year

28th September 2015

THE sum shelled out to consultants who are hired to help city council staff has soared by almost a quarter in only a year – sparking fears the bill will continue to balloon amid crippling public sector budget cuts. Around £8.1 million was paid to consultancy firms including Deloitte, PWC… Read more

EEN: scale of debt write-off increases still further

5th September 2015

CITY chiefs are preparing to write off statutory repairs debt worth £18 million – a sum which could fund two primary schools. Homeowners who were billed for works under the system but not pursued are now unlikely ever to have to pay. City chiefs had already admitted they were preparing… Read more

EEN: Council ‘keeping secrets’ as Foi snubs double

14th July 2015

THE city council has been accused of “strangling” local democracy after it emerged Freedom of Information (FoI) request refusals have hit a five-year high and are more than double the 2010 level. Of 1534 requests received in 2014, 917 were refused – a rate of just under 60 per cent…. Read more

EEN: is Edinburgh council embarrassed about something?

13th July 2015
Your council, your city

Is Edinburgh Council embarrassed about something? Why is Edinburgh City Council failing to respond in a positive manner to so many Freedom of Information requests? Refusals by the council have now hit a five year high and are more than double the 2010 level. Of 1534 requests received in 2014,… Read more

Edinburgh Evening News: Convictions may reignite separate investigation into the council’s property conservation section

22nd June 2015

A FRESH investigation into the council’s scandal-ridden property services could be launched after police said they were expecting more people to “speak out”. Four men were last week jailed after admitting corruption charges. Investigations into the council’s scandal-ridden property services could be reignited – following a high-profile case which saw… Read more

Edinburgh Evening News: Action Building bosses and corrupt council officials jailed for property repair scandal

19th June 2015

A SHERIFF branded a group of council officials and contractors “kindred corrupt spirits” as he jailed them for a total of 13 years yesterday. Sheriff Michael O’Grady condemned Charles Owenson, James Costello, Kevin Balmer and Brendan Cantwell for their part in a long-running fraud scheme. Former council officials Owenson and… Read more

BBC: Four jailed over Edinburgh City Council bribes

18th June 2015

Four men who admitted corruption charges over Edinburgh council building repairs have been jailed. Council workers Charles Owenson, 62, and James Costello, 44, helped award contracts to Edinburgh Action Building Contracts Ltd (ABC Ltd). In return, ABC directors Kevin Balmer, 52, and Brendan Cantwell, 44, gave them tens of thousands of… Read more

STV: Corrupt council officials and builders (Action Building Contracts Ltd) jailed over Edinburgh contracts

18th June 2015

Corrupt officials and the builders who treated them to lap dances to secure council contracts have been jailed for a total of 13 years. Charles Owenson and James Costello worked for the City of Edinburgh Council when they were given hospitality by ABC Ltd, including corporate seats at Hibs and… Read more

Edinburgh Evening News: Corrupt council repairs men, and Action Building Contracts Ltd., in plea for leniency

17th June 2015

Corrupt council officials and builders in the city’s property care scandal made a desperate plea for leniency before being jailed by an exasperated sheriff – who branded some of their excuses “preposterous”. Former local authority officers Charles Owenson and James Costello, and ex-directors of Action Building Contracts Ltd (ABC Ltd)… Read more

Edinburgh Evening News: Corrupt council repairs men face heavy jail time

16th June 2015

Two corrupt Edinburgh council officials and two businessmen who supplied them with cash and hospitality were sent to jail today and warned they faced “significant” sentences. Former local authority employees Charles Owenson and James Costello were treated to dances and drinks in lap dancing bars as valuable Edinburgh City Council… Read more

City of Edinburgh hands over £5.1 Million to external consultants

20th May 2015

ALMOST £13m has been spent on private consultants by Scottish councils in the past 15 months [April 2014 to June 2015]. Figures obtained through a Freedom of Information request showed that Edinburgh City Council is the worst offender, doling out more than £5.1m to consulting firms. […] The revelation has sparked… Read more

Edinburgh Evening News: Council duo brought down by greed

19th May 2015

It was the SUVs and the glitzy Mercs and Audis that did for them. If Charles Owenson and James Costello and their colleagues had only bought Skodas or even Ford Fiestas then they might well have got away with their heinous crimes. As it was, the two corrupt officials of Edinburgh… Read more

STV: Corrupt officials given lap dances in return for council contracts

15th May 2015

Corrupt officials were treated to dances and drinks in lap dancing bars by builders trying to seek valuable council contracts, a court has heard. Former Edinburgh Council employees Charles Owenson and James Costello were given hospitality by ABC Ltd, including corporate seats at Hibs and Hearts football grounds, meals and… Read more

The Scotsman: Corrupt Officials Celebratory Parties …

15th May 2015

CORRUPT council officers knocked back drinks and enjoyed lapdances as rewards for handing out building contracts. Kevin Balmer and Brendan Cantwell, from Edinburgh-based ABC Ltd, even splashed out £5000 on one night out for Charles Owenson and James Costello in a bid to secure work. And they brazenly charged the… Read more

Council ordered work on OAP’s home at 400% original estimates

14th May 2015

AN elderly resident caught up in the Capital’s statutory repairs scandal has told of his torment after the city council took more than four years to write off nearly £164,000 worth of invalid work on his home. Bruce Thompson said he was “devastated” to discover jobs valued at more than… Read more

Resident cuts council repair bill by 74% after winning three separate legal claims

12th May 2015
Council refund cheque

An Edinburgh home owner has cut her statutory notice repair bill by more than 70% after threatening the council with legal action, not once, but three times. Tanya Ivackovic, who lives in Goldenacre, has just received a cheque for £2400 from the City of Edinburgh council after officials settled with… Read more

Edinburgh City Council workers plead guilty to bribery charges

12th May 2015

Two Edinburgh City Council employees have pleaded guilty to receiving tens of thousands of pounds worth of bribes from building company workers. Charles Owenson, 62, and James Costello, 44, received bribes from ABC Ltd staff members Kevin Balmer, 52, and Brendan Cantwell, 44. For cash, the council workers helped award… Read more

Four guilty over Edinburgh property repairs scandal

12th May 2015

FOUR men have pleaded guilty to corruption and fraud charges following a probe into building contracts at the city council. Former council officials Charles Owenson and James Costello, and Brendan Cantwell and Kevin Balmer, ex-directors of a building company, admitted charges at the short hearing at Edinburgh Sheriff Court this… Read more

Crown forces trial over Council Employees’ Fraud

8th May 2015

THREE men accused of corruption which led to the collapse of the city’s property repairs service have had their offers to plead guilty to amend charges rejected by prosecutors. The Crown paved the way for a trial as the 8 men alleged to be at the center of the controversy sat in the… Read more

New website bids to shine a light on the ‘immoral’ tactics being used by the council to recover money

24th April 2015

Frustrated city homeowners have launched a new website in a bid to shine a light on the ‘immoral’ tactics being used by the council to recover money from them. As hundreds of final bills are sent out to city property owners caught up in the statutory notice scandal, supporters of… Read more

Scotbuzz: Edinburghs’ Corruption Cover-up

30th March 2015

JULIAN SPALDING says he’s only been made a serious fool of once in his life, and that was by the City of Edinburgh Council. It simply never occurred to him that its governance could be deeply corrupt. I worked in local government for thirty years up until 1999, mostly as… Read more

Edinburgh Evening News: Letter to the Editor

28th March 2015

It will be a relief for the owners of common property in Edinburgh to learn that the reinstatement of the Statutory Notice system in the Capital has hit a snag and has been deferred (Evening News, March 23). This is the system that allows the City of Edinburgh Council, uniquely… Read more

Herald Scotland: EX-SNP Edinburgh leader faces questions over links to lobbyist

22nd March 2015

EDINBURGH council’s former deputy leader is embroiled in a row over his repeated support for a commercial venture promoted by his ex-business associate. SNP councillor Steve Cardownie did not declare his friendship with lobbyist David Coutts when a plan to continue using a centuries-old church as an entertainment venue was… Read more

Edinburgh Evening News: Call for probe into scandal-hit Edinburgh council

11th August 2014

A petition is calling for a public inquiry into the running of Edinburgh City council in the light of several high-profile controversies, including the Mortonhall ashes scandal, the £776 million tram project and statutory repairs debacle. The petition on 38 Degrees, a website which gauges public reaction and helps to… Read more

Edinburgh Evening News: Council chiefs to ignore ‘nuisance’ complainers

1st August 2014
Evening News

A BLACKLIST of “nuisance” complainers is to be created by the council, sparking fears that residents with genuine concerns will be silenced. The new measure appears in an updated policy detailing how council workers should handle situations where members of the public are judged to be displaying “unacceptable” behaviour. As… Read more

Edinburgh Evening News: Statutory repairs: £16,000 bill … pay now!

31st July 2014

Neighbours in a tenement block have been left reeling after being slapped with £16,000 statutory repairs bills – and ordered to stump up straight away. The South Queensferry residents had a series of repairs carried out to their shared roof in 2011. Howard Smith was one of the residents billed… Read more

Edinburgh Evening News: Mark Turley probe was to look at all scandals

9th July 2014

THE abandoned investigation into former city council director Mark Turley was to focus on the fatal collapse of the wall at Liberton High School as well as the ashes scandal at Mortonhall, it was claimed today. Council chiefs said they would no longer proceed with their probe into Mr Turley… Read more

Edinburgh Evening News: Was Mark Turley paid to quit council?

4th July 2014

A DECISION not to reveal whether a senior official has been handed a golden goodbye after resigning over the Mortonhall scandal has been branded an “insult to the people of Edinburgh”. The city announced yesterday that Mark Turley, 54, was quitting his £123,000-a-year post, eight weeks after being suspended. An… Read more

BBC: Senior official Mark Turley resigns from Edinburgh City Council

3rd July 2014

A senior official at the helm of a council department involved in the Mortonhall baby ashes scandal has resigned. Mark Turley, Edinburgh City Council’s director of services for communities, had been suspended on full pay. His department governed Mortonhall Crematorium which was condemned for burying baby ashes in secret. He… Read more

Edinburgh Evening News: Costs for Deloitte Statutory Notice Scandal Audit now up to £4m

12th June 2014

CONSULTANTS brought in to help sort out the Capital’s statutory repairs problems are set to receive an estimated £1 million of council taxpayers’ money – on top of £3 million they have already been paid. Accountancy specialists Deloitte were appointed more than a year ago to help the council bill… Read more

Edinburgh Evening News: Statutory repairs scandal: New tsar to get tough

2nd June 2014

The statutory notice system was shelved in 2011 following an investigation into fraud and corruption which led to 11 workers being sacked. There are still 278 cases – some dating back many years – in which owners are disputing bills. A pilot scheme introduced last year, which saw law firm… Read more

Edinburgh Evening News: The scandal that will not go away

22nd May 2014

NOW that the dust has settled a little on the suspension of Mark Turley, Edinburgh City Council’s director of services for communities, let’s just think about why he’s currently sitting at home twiddling his thumbs and getting his massive pay cheque while others are left to pick up the slack…. Read more

Edinburgh Evening News: Council services chief Mark Turley suspended

8th May 2014

ONE of the city’s top officials has been suspended over the Mortonhall baby ashes scandal. Mark Turley, 54, is the most senior director at the department governing Mortonhall Crematorium where hundreds of families were denied their babies’ remains after they were secretly buried by staff. His suspension yesterday morning comes… Read more

STV: More scandals hit City of Edinburgh Council

8th May 2014

Mark Turley, the director of services for community at the City of Edinburgh Council, has been suspended from his job on full pay. It comes after a series of scandals, the latest of which was the baby ashes investigation at Mortonhall. Over decades, parents at the crematorium had been told… Read more

STV: Edinburgh council to write off £5.5m in statutory repairs debt

6th May 2014

The council in Edinburgh will have to write off £5.5m in unpaid bills from the statutory repairs scandal. The property conservation department used to issue notices to private buildings across the capital, forcing residents to carry out work. The department was hit by scandal in 2011 when allegations were made… Read more

Edinburgh Evening News: Council to write off £5.5m statutory repairs debt

5th May 2014
National Maintenance Week

TAXPAYERS will lose out after council chiefs decided to write off £5.5 million of debt owed under the long-running statutory repairs scandal. 25% of the £22m owed to the council by tenants who had compulsory work carried out on their homes will now be lost. Most of the cancelled debts are… Read more

Edinburgh Evening News: £2300 for water on statutory repair bill (or £4.17 a pint!)

30th April 2014

RESIDENTS who were stunned to be charged the equivalent of £4.17-a-pint for water used in building work at their flats have won a court battle against the city council. Inverleith homeowner Tanya Ivackovic led the fight against the £2300 water bill which followed repairs carried out three-and-a-half years ago under… Read more

Scottish Law Reporter: MSPs to question Scots FOI Chief over inaccurate & false FOI responses from public bodies

29th April 2014

Scots FOI Chief to face grilling over lack of powers to deal with inaccurate data from public bodies. SCOTTISH Information Commissioner Rosemary Agnew has been called to appear before Holyrood’s Public Petitions Committee on Tuesday 6th May 2014 to face questions from MSPs on revelations there are no powers in the… Read more

Daily Record: Small claims court for Council for overcharging in Statutory Notice Scandal

23rd March 2014

Woman tells of her fury after being charged the equivalent of £4.17 for every pint of water used during building work at her home. TANYA Ivackovic is taking the huge £2300 bill to the Small Claims Court saying it is ‘extortionate’. Tanya Ivackovic has been charged £4.17 per pint of water… Read more

STV: ‘Arms-length’ company to replace Edinburgh’s statutory repairs system

7th March 2014

Councillors will be asked to approve in principle the introduction of a “special repairs vehicle” – an arms-length company which will look after statutory repairs. There will be four stages the repair has to go through before an statutory repairs notice is issued, in the hope more problems can be… Read more

Edinburgh Evening News: Council letter wins 2014 nonsense jargon award

24th February 2014

Written by city official Emma McNab, the baffling missive is intended to update householders on the progress made to hundreds of disputed cases from the long-running saga that saddled the Capital with £30 million of debt. The statutory repairs system was suspended, then replaced in April last year, amid allegations… Read more

Daily Record: Council whistleblower waits 3 years for tribunal

23rd February 2014

A WHISTLEBLOWER who was sacked after he exposed a huge public property repairs scandal has been unable to fight his case for more than three years. The 50-year-old man was suspended by bosses at Edinburgh City Council in October 2010 for leaking information when he reported fears over mismanagement and… Read more

Edinburgh Evening News: Call for public inquiry on statutory repairs scandal

1st February 2014

A KEY critic of Edinburgh’s statutory repairs scandal has called for a public inquiry into the fiasco, insisting the council’s “investigation into itself cannot be allowed to continue”. Gordon Murdie, of Quantus quantity surveyors, who represents more than 200 clients affected by the controversy, insisted that an independent probe was… Read more

The Scotsman: Repairs scandal: Audit firm Deloitte wants extra £150,000

13th January 2014

THE auditing firm hired to bill homeowners for unpaid statutory notices work is seeking another £150,000 to finish the job – having already being paid around £3 million to investigate the scandal. Deloitte LLP was drafted in last March to recoup some of the outstanding £20m on 430 projects, now… Read more

Daily Record: Council boss who embezzled over £122,000 jailed for a year

9th December 2013

JOHN Warne, former finance team leader at Edinburgh City Council, blew cash on classic cars and mortgage payments on buy-to-let properties. GREEDY council boss who led a team returning VAT charges to homeowners has been jailed for a year for embezzling more than £122,000 of the cash. The 55-year-old’s crime… Read more

BBC: Edinburgh Statutory Notice report reveals £27m gap

2nd December 2013

Edinburgh City Council has paid £27m to contractors for building work at private homes which it has not yet recouped from residents, a report says. Unpublished reports by Deloitte, from which the BBC has seen extracts, said the property conservation department faced financial exposure in 2012 of £27m for “un-invoiced… Read more

STV: Edinburgh Council to send statutory repair reminders of up to £20,000

14th November 2013

Around 170 Edinburgh residents will receive reminders for up to £20,000 before Christmas as the council try and collect statutory repair debt. In March, the City of Edinburgh Council brought in Deloitte to try and recover an outstanding £22m from residents across the city. The property conservation department issued statutory… Read more

Edinburgh Evening News: Council should have a whistleblower hotline

15th August 2013

I WOULD like to invite readers to sign my petition to the Scottish Parliament calling for a whistleblower hotline at each local authority that would report to a summit of councillors. In light of the scandals around Edinburgh property conservation, trams and Mortonhall, council staff sorely need a mechanism where… Read more

Scottish Law Reporter: Edinburgh property repairs scandal used by law firms to threaten, pressure householders into selling homes ‘on the cheap’

31st May 2013

Edinburgh property repairs scandal was used by solicitors in attempt to gain homes on the cheap. THE SCANDAL involving Statutory Repair Notices issued by officials at Edinburgh City Council requiring householders to undertake unnecessary and expensive building work to properties in Scotland’s capital was used as a cover by several… Read more

Herald Scotland: Council crisis deepens in Edinburgh

25th May 2013

THE crisis engulfing the City of Edinburgh Council over the housing repairs scandal has deepened after a former local authority manager was charged with alleged fraud. The ex-team leader who worked in the council’s finance section is facing a court appearance following a police probe into VAT refund payments relating… Read more

Edinburgh Evening News: Edinburgh Council breached freedom of information

29th March 2013

City of Edinburgh Council has been heavily criticised for its lack of disclosure of information about a statutory repair scheme. The council has been accused of overcharging hundreds of city residents for allegedly unnecessary building repair work and expending: “a disproportionate amount” of the Information Commissioner’s resources by taking 16… Read more

Inside Housing: The Scottish property fiasco

8th March 2013

When statutory notice legislation was introduced in 1991 to protect Edinburgh’s historic tenement buildings, no one anticipated the scale of the crisis that would build over the next two decades. Here, Lydia Stockdale visits the capital to investigate what happened, and how the council intends to put things right. The… Read more

BBC: Edinburgh Statutory Notice scheme ‘scrapped’

19th February 2013

Edinburgh’s controversial Statutory Notice system which made private homeowners carry out repairs is being scrapped for all but emergency work. Last week, BBC Scotland revealed Edinburgh Council had paid £27m to contractors for building work which it had not recouped from residents. Now an internal document, seen by the BBC,… Read more

BBC: Edinburgh statutory notice scandal: No criminal charges after probe

23rd November 2012

No-one involved with Edinburgh’s Statutory Notice Scandal will face criminal charges … Lothian and Borders Police had been investigating allegations of fraud and corruption in Edinburgh City Council’s property conservation department. Hundreds of residents have complained of over-charging and poor workmanship. However, in the initial property conservation department investigation it has… Read more

BBC: ‘I almost collapsed when I got the bill’

20th November 2012

“When I received the bill for £192,000, I almost collapsed. “I literally had to sit down, I thought my legs were going to give way under me.” Edinburgh cafe owner Bonita Russell said the shock of receiving that bill in April for repairs to her building has still not dissipated…. Read more

The Scotsman: Fury as council bill for consultants hits £9m

24th September 2012

THE city council’s bill for outside consultants has doubled to a staggering £9 million as a result of such things as the tram project and the statutory repairs scandal, it was revealed today. Specialist lawyers, surveyors and project managers were brought in as city chiefs attempted to salvage a series… Read more

The Scotsman: Demolishing city repairs service is not the answer

8th August 2012
National Maintenance Week

You may find this hard to believe after all the recent bad publicity, but Edinburgh’s embattled statutory notice system needs to be retained. It is a very good system which was designed to maintain the safety and integrity of the built heritage of the Capital. Any suggestion that the “scandal-hit… Read more

Edinburgh Evening News: Repairs scandal bill to cost £3m

6th August 2012

“Seven months with little meaningful progress exposes a costly and continuing cover-up. Edinburgh council are delivering a shameful service to thousands of affected owners, and costing Edinburgh dearly …” THE resolution team drafted in to deal with statutory repairs complaints has eaten through two-thirds of the £300,000 budget put aside… Read more

Edinburgh Evening News: Scandal-hit statutory notice system to be scrapped

1st August 2012
Inspecting chimney pots on a National Trust building

THE Capital’s scandal-hit statutory repairs system is set to be scrapped in favour of a series of voluntary initiatives aimed at encouraging home owners to take more responsibility for their own property repairs. Appointing factors to oversee the maintenance and repair of communal buildings – a service similar to those… Read more

Edinburgh Evening News: Dodgy roof repairs may land council with seven-figure bill

18th July 2012

FLAT roof repairs across the city overseen by the council’s property department were carried out using materials that did not meet with the city’s standards, the Evening News can reveal today. Evidence in a damning dossier handed to the paper shows that dozens of roofs were not repaired with the… Read more

Scottish Law Reporter: Edinburgh : Corrupt ‘Athens of the north’

30th June 2012

LOTHIAN & BORDERS POLICE have announced four former Council employees and 11 contractors have been charged over corruption & other illegal activity at the City of Edinburgh Council’s property services, ranging from money laundering to fraud. The arrests may also be related to the Statutory Repair Notice investigation, which takes… Read more

Daily Record: Edinburgh Council corruption charges just the ‘tip of the iceberg’

29th June 2012

POLICE probing allegations of corruption among council staff and building contractors are expected to make more arrests. Insiders say the 15 people charged earlier this week in the investigation into repair programmes in Edinburgh are the “tip of the iceberg”. Four former employees of the city’s property care department have… Read more

Edinburgh Evening News: Money-laundering in Edinburgh council

28th June 2012
Council cycle rack

FIFTEEN people, including four former employees, have been charged in connection with alleged fraud at City of Edinburgh Council. The allegations include corruption and money-laundering, and it is understood that as well as former workers, council contractors are among those charged. They relate to repairs carried out at council buildings… Read more

Herald Scotland: 15 charged over repairs scandal

27th June 2012

FOUR former council employees and 11 contractors have been charged by police investigating corruption claims at a Scottish local authority. The arrests were made by officers from Lothian and Borders police looking into alleged illegal activity at the City of Edinburgh Council’s property services. The former council workers are all… Read more

Daily Mail: Dave Anderson, director of city development, sent home after disciplinary proceedings begin against him

13th June 2012

Bruce Thompson, 67, has been battling the council for five years over its handling of what should have been a simple, affordable repair. The residents of the building in leafy Comely Bank believe much of the work was unnecessary and made matters worse. Edinburgh council has been at the centre… Read more

CM News: Council official sacked after attempted bribe …

30th April 2012

Another Edinburgh City Council official has been sacked amid a continuing investigation into an alleged £30 Million housing repairs scam. The senior staff member was caught asking a private maintenance contractor to pay a four-figure sum towards a holiday. But the builder, which did not hand over the bribe, raised… Read more

The Scotsman: Boozy surveyors sacked from repairs probe team

11th April 2012

TWO surveyors brought in to help solve the property repairs scandal have been removed from their posts after allegedly visiting council offices following a night of drinking. The pair, who were part of an independent resolution team drafted in to deal with hundreds of residents’ complaints, are understood to have… Read more

Edinburgh Evening News: Boss at heart of property repairs scandal leaves post

5th April 2012
Council cycle rack

THE MANAGER of a controversial property department at the heart of the city’s statutory repairs scandal has left the council, the Evening News can today reveal. Brian Sibbald, who headed the property conservation department, resigned from his post at the end of March. Mr Sibbald is understood to be suffering… Read more

STV: Edinburgh Statutory Notice meeting …

3rd October 2011

Council policy, which you are to follow, is to give no estimated costs (other than letter-B which is the pre-start information letter) and only provide details of costs at the end of the project once the final account is signed and any cost split calculation has been done. If you are… Read more

Inside Housing: Council hit by corruption claims

21st September 2011

A council repairs department is under investigation by police and an auditing firm following allegations of corruption. Edinburgh Council’s property conservation service is currently under review and a number of staff suspended after a BBC programme uncovered evidence of possible fraud. Under the statutory notice system, the department can intervene… Read more

BBC: Corruption claims against Edinburgh council officials

20th September 2011

BBC Scotland has uncovered evidence of possible fraud and serious wrongdoing in building works overseen by Edinburgh City Council. To read the article in full click here.

BBC: Edinburgh Council workers suspended over fraud inquiry

31st March 2011

Five members of staff at Edinburgh City Council have been suspended amid a police probe into an alleged housing repair fraud investigation. The employees are from the property conservation team that deals with the issue of statutory repair notices. Edinburgh City Council said the complaints were “potentially of a very… Read more

BBC: Edinburgh council worker in housing repair scam probe

8th November 2010

An Edinburgh City Council employee is being investigated by police after allegations of a housing repair scam worth more than £4m. The worker has been suspended during a probe into claims he received money from a firm for awarding them contracts without putting the work out to tender. Other allegations… Read more