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So far the results are rather disappointing. Only 3 Councillors have responded positively and quickly. Two are abjectly unhelpful, refusing to discuss the issue further. One is looking into the issue. Four have completely passed the buck, and the remainder, just fail to answer.

To read the first letter we sent them click here. To read their replies (or not) click on ‘results in‘. We followed this up but most continued to stone-wall our attempts at getting an answer.

48 out of 58 Councillors cannot be bothered to reply to a letter addressed to each of them personally, asking for urgent assistance in a matter that concerns the whole of Edinburgh, all wards, thousands of residents.

Read the results below, and click on your Councillor to see how they responded. Please note these lists also include MSPs if they have been contacted.


Unsupportive The Councillors below have replied, but remain intransigent and unhelpful.

Our Verdict

The Councillors below should be called to account. And in reekieleaks’ opinion their re-election should be carefully considered. We find it staggering that on an issue as serious as this, they are not even prepared to meet with their constituents to argue their position, preferring to force residents to the courts to seek resolution.

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‘Not replying to our letters’

Not Replying The list of Councillors below have not seen fit to reply. We find this surprising, as it is such an important issue.

Our Verdict

The Councillors below should called to account. Their re-election should also be carefully considered. If they cannot reply to letters and entreaties from citizens within their own city, just what part do they play in a democratic process, and what are they in office for?

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‘Passing the buck’

Passing the Buck The list of Councillors below have replied, but only to say they are passing the letter on, despite the letter being addressed to them.

Our Verdict

Think carefully of re-electing Councillors such as these. They have not taken the time to answer a letter addressed personally to them, on such an important issue. What chance have you got of being heard by them when you need their help?

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‘Position Unclear’

Position Unclear The list of Councillors below are answering, are clearly concerned about the issues, but not yet decided.

Our Verdict

Keep up the pressure on these Councillors, helping them to come to a truly informed position. Well worth thinking about re-electing, they are engaged and react quickly.

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Supportive The list of Councillors below are actively helping to resolve issues.

Our Verdict

If these issues are important to you, then vote for these Councillors at the next election! They have replied very quickly, affirmatively and have shown all the signs of being concerned and serious politicians. However, it is still necessary to keep up pressure on these Councillors.

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