Challenge Your Councillors

Accountability begins with the 58 Councillors elected by you to serve your wards.  These are the people that can collectively force change on our institutions.

Post your Councillor a question

PLEASE, find your Councillor/s on this website and post them a quick question. It will take a minute of your time and help the campaign gather even more momentum!

You can find your Councillor/s by searching by name or ward on this site: see the search box on the right-hand side of this page.

Once you’ve found them, just post a quick question about the scandal …

If you are not sure who you Councillor is, try inputting the Ward name, area … or try the council’s own page here … but please be sure to come back here to see how your Councillor has responded.

Read the Letters we have sent them

To read the first letter we sent them click here. To read their replies (or not) click on ‘results in‘. We followed this up but most continued to stone-wall our attempts at getting an answer.

You’ll see a little icon by each of them:

Supportive Actively helping to resolve issues.

Position Unclear Answering, but not clearly decided.

Passing the Buck Taking no real interest, passing it on.

Not Replying Can’t even be bothered to reply

Not Supportive Reply but intransigent and unhelpful.


Our 1st question to Councillors

This is our first question, sent to all Councillors, and borne of trying to get answers on an individual level from Property Conservation and failing.

Do you stand by Alasdair Rankin’s approach? We think the invoices should be put on hold until resolution is agreed. Do you agree? If you do not agree, would you give your reasons?

This question was sent to all Councillors individually on 16th March 2015.

To read the letter we sent them click here. To read their replies (or not) click on ‘results in‘.