City of Edinburgh Council

Our Freedom of Information Requests will go directly to the top. If you’ve any questions you would like us to ask on your behalf … drop us a line. Unfortunately this will be a slow process. CEC will not respond quickly and will not accept repeat questions. But we don’t have to repeat ourselves to get to the bottom of things.

Where the buck stops


Dame Sue Bruce (Chief Executive Officer)

0131 200 2300

Staff within CEC have been moved, sacked or voluntarily resigned over the past few years (to avoid internal investigation). That in its self is a very big question we will be asking Dame Sue Bruce and the First Minister:

Dear Dame Bruce, Dear First Minister, why is it permissable for a civic leader to resign to prevent an internal or external investigation? This in itself shows a flagrant disregard for the Seven Principles of Public Life, not to mention your Code of Conduct.

The five Directors of Edinburgh Council

The next tier of management under the Chief Executive are the five Directors.

Dear Directors, please tell us how you have rooted out maladministration and corruption from within your departments over the past decade? How have you made those found incompetent, dishonest, fraudulent accountable?


John Bury, Acting Director of Services for Communities;

Alastair Maclean
, Director of Corporate Governance;


Greg Ward
, Director of Economic Development;


Gillian Tee
, Director of Children & Families;


Peter Gabbitas, Director of Health & Social Care;